Audiovisual Artist

I have done a little of everything, let me show you the fun stuff.
First Art directing. Is like dreaming in colors and then having people to help you out to see that dream become reality.
Well… something like that.

Art direction 

I teamed up with Rosa Amanda Tuiran and Luis D’Elias to make these two videos possible for New Caracas.
First one, Hijos de la Sabana, was shot on my studio in Hoboken, NJ (2017). I had the pleasure to collaborate as an Art Director, painter and on site producer for this long shot video.
Based on the lyrics of the song, the paint intents to represent a colorful plain field in Venezuela with a variety of hieroglyphics.
The face paint also symbolized the country with the colors of the national flag.
Technically speaking it was very fun to hear since the video was shot simultaneously on slow motion for the singer, and regular speed for me. Two hours shot summarized to 3:30min.


Second video Más Allá del Sol was even more challenging. (2018)
We intended to make a very beautiful and ambitious stop motion project. Based on fabric and yarn, the story contemplates how Alea jumps into a dream through space, sea and land to find herself, as the lyrics explains “Beyond the Sun”. Few fun elements here are the national instrument, the cuatro, that works as a tree and the national bird the Guacamaya which is also the logo of the band.
As an Art Director, I really had fun writing this story with the whole team. As our first stop motion video, I believe that there is a lot of room to grow but thanks to the experience, Rosa Amanda and I consolidated forces as a team for what we expect to be The Amanda’s Production, for 2020.



Working as a videographer has been one of the hardest hats to wear, since I do the production, shoot and edition by myself. The learning curve of the last year got me humble and ready for more.

Two fitness clients, three years of projects.

Workouts, dance, interviews and recipes, both video and photography.
-Roselin Carrera, body builder and owner of a sport wear line.
-Dougmary Esquijarosa, professional nutritionist and personal trainer.

Coming Up: workout, zumba and nutrition online program all in video by BFF.



Photography opportunities keep on showing up even if I’m not looking for them.
Very grateful to be part of the Lomo Community and being able to test new cameras and lenses with a touch of body paint on my models.
On Corporate Portraits I found myself developing a technique of long conversations that makes the job so much nicer and intimate with a person that I just met.

Overall, I will like to experiment more with stronger color pallets and include more body paint. Art it will always be the suit, photography is just another tool for it.

For more, check the Photography section.



Universidad Católica Andrés Bello Undergrad in Communications, Media Studies and Audiovisual Arts.
Udacity: Nanodegree in Digital Marketing.
CALArts: Graphic Design Specialization.
School of Motion Graphics: (goal 2019)

Andrea painting.jpg


For me, life is worth living if it’s full of color.
That’s why I look for opportunities where I can learn how to add more color, more fun to regular projects.
I don’t see myself as a photographer, videographer, illustrator, not even as a painter, but as an artist looking for ways to express herself.
If you are interested in working together, drop me a line!

Fun details
I’m Venezuelan. I had been in NYC for the last 6 years on a Diversity Visa.
I don’t really workout or do any acro, like my models, but I do dance twice a week salsa, bachata and zouk.
My bike’s name is Amelia. I bike everywhere (when is not freezing) and all my computers and camaras have names.
Oh and I also teach Spanish to a couple of friends and a little girl name T.